Ava’s Hair Routine Using Shea Moisture Kids Buttercream

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on August 21, 2017

Before Ava was born I would pray for a healthy, happy baby with a head full of hair. Praise God!! Because I got all 3. When Ava was 4 months old, I started looking for baby conditioners or some type of moisturizer to keep her hair nice and healthy as she started to get more active.

Although I have some holy grail hair products that I use on my natural hair, I was specifically looking for products that were all natural and designed for babies. The one hair product that I keep running into was the Shea Moisture Kids line. I did a little research and found that a lot of natural mommies loved it , so I decided to give it a try!

If I were grading this product on a scale of 1-10, Shea Moisture would receive an 8. I love the natural ingredients and the fact that it geared towards babies. But I wouldn’t say it has a great hold. When I apply it to Ava’s hair , it will keep it looking moisturized and shiny for a couple of hours and thats about it. But overall, it has gotten the job done .

Ava’s hair before washing & applying products.

I normally wash Ava’s hair during bath time somewhere between 3 and 4 times a week. I use any regular baby shampoo I have , and wash her hair once before giving her a bath. While her hair is wet, I use a baby brush to brush through her hair to ensure there are no tangles and apply the Shea Moisture Kids Buttercream.

*My baby’s water is not dirty… that is the shampoo.. (Just FYI lol)

In the photos above, I applied the buttercream more liberally than I normally would.. (Got too excited I guess) And the results were more lasting but ending up being more hard, and crunchy than usual. For soft, moisturized curls, I would suggest you apply about 2 quarter sized helpings of the product.

After bath time I let Ava’s hair air dry, and we go on our way !

I also use this product as a daily moisturizer if Ava’s hair starts to look dry and wild. I normally spray her hair with a little water, just to make it slightly damp, and apply the same amount of product. The results turns out great!

If you are a mommy to a little naturalista, please share your products of choice below for other mommies and myself! I am always looking for new and better products.


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