My Boujee Winter Pamper Routine !

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on August 23, 2018

Two years ago I would have never guessed that personal pamper days would be so hard to come by. Back in the day, I used to take a nice bubble bath, with a face mask and some wine probably once a week. Now that I never get to do that, I realize how important pamper days really are.

Pamper/ Self Care days are so critical for staying sane. As I am adjusting to adulthood (graduating and working…), I constantly find myself so burnt out that by the time I go to work, take care of Ava and sit down , it’s time for me to go to bed only to wake up and do it all again. This adjustment has been so hard for me, it’s like there is ALWAYS something that needs to be done or needs a little more attention. BUT without self-care, and time to just unwind you cannot be the best version of yourself. By neglecting pamper time, you are not equipping yourself to best handle everything that needs to be done.

So I am making it my goal, to have a pamper day at least once a week, no baby, no bae, just ME. To recover from a busy and hectic week, to take time to care for my skin and body and sometimes just lay in a dark room. This time is going to be so critical to ensuring that I am enabling myself to be the best version of myself.

So in this post, I am going to describe a perfect pamper day, my go-to products at the moment and some motivation to help you make through another busy week ! (All products are linked, just click the name of the product )

** NOTE: This routine is very EXTRA, lol, but after an extra long day/week .. you DESERVE it.. Trust me , you’ll feel great afterwards.. Thank me later ! 🙂

Be sure to share any tips, products, or your pamper routine in the comments. I love trying new things and hearing what’s working for others.

  1. Candless! — Okay this is MAJOR key, I mean what says winter and sets the spa-like mood more than candles. I just recently started buying Bath & Body Works candles… and let me just say they are ABSOLUTELY worth the hype. They have the perfect selection for all seasons and they actually give off a scent.. Super cheap candles from TjMaxx and Marshalls are great, but I haven’t had the best luck with them.. My Fav scent right now is Pumpkin Apple.. Do yourself a favor and pick one up!!
  2. Prepare your Bath – Of course you could just run some water and call it a day.. but again we are being very EXTRA.. I like to add my favorite bubble bath, with about a 1/2 cup of Epson salt or bath salt and a couple drops of of coconut oil. Not only does this smell amazing but you skin will feel amazing afterwards.. You could also just add some body oil if you don’t have coconut oil. I use this one all the time.
  3. Caramel Apple Spice OR Wine- Nothing says boujee bath time with a nice chilled glass of wine. My favorite is Stella Rosa, white, red, you name it.. All of them are BOMBTT.. (S/O to Lex for putting me on lol) But if you are not a wine drinker this Caramel Apple Spice drink is definitely for you, and what says Winter more than that.
  4. Bath Time – Now time for the main event , the time we have been prepping for.. Relaxation!! Play some music or just relax in silence (my fav), reminisce on your day/ week and think of how you can make your next week even better. Think about all you have to be grateful for. ENJOY!
  5. Face Mask – There are literally so many masks to chose from, and I am always looking for new ones to try. My favorite at the moment though is the Amazonian Clay Mask, just mix it with a little apple cider and your good to go!
  6. Moisturize – Super Important step, your skin will thank you later. Recently I have been into body oils, I love how it keeps your skin nice and soft and I think it absorbs better than regular lotions. Here are a few of my favs– Walmart Cocoa Body Oil  & this Neutrogena one I hear so much about. Another great moisturizer after a bath are body butters, the Body Shop has my all time FAVORITE. the Vitamin E body butter, not to mention the scent is amazing. (Bath & Body Works option)
  7. Skincare- At this point the mask is off. After a couple minutes the tightening sensation is a little to much to handle lol (not that bad) Now I like to wash my face using my Clean & Clear Wash and my Vanity Planet spin brush . I then moisturize with Clinique Moisture Surge (amazing) and spot treat using Mario Badescu drying lotion and after all this… it’s a MUST that I use my favorite facial spray – Mario Badescu Rose water leaves my skin refreshed and glowy .. (highly recommend)
  8. Hair – Now by this time, Im TIEDD. lol and with natural hair, there is no way I am going to tackle that. This head needs a WHOLE day to itself..and today is NOT the day lol. But if you want you can deep condition your hair at this step or just prep/ wrap it up for bed.. I’ll be doing the latter. BUT if you want to see my favorite deep conditioners for natural hair , check out my blog post all about it HERE.
  9. Netflix & Relax – The best part, relaxing and catching up on some shows.  I am always looking for shows (& movies) to binge watch ! Some of me and Willis’ favorites at the moment are Ozark , Luke Cage, What Happened to Monday, & RHOA . (Leave your favorite shows and movies below for me to check out ! )
  10. Sleeep! – Now the REAL best part, lights out.. Hopefully you are feeling nice and relaxed by this time and you can enjoy some good rest! Taking a few hours to pamper yourself is always a good idea.. I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I did … Good Night <3


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