5 Things To Do During Quarantine!

Posted in Lifestyle, Motherhood
on April 1, 2020

I recently saw a post on FB or somewhere that said “this is a pandemic, not a productivity contest” .. and I totally agree. This is something we as a country have never been through before. There is a virus that is not only causing an economic decline where many Americans are losing their jobs unable to handle their normal responsibilities but it is taking lives! During this time, I have realized the importance of a personal relationship with God. Prayer is one of the most powerful and fulfilling things we can do as Christians not only in times of stress but also in great times. Please continue to pray for our world, for healing, and peace for everyone in it! I believe we should all take this very serious and practice social distancing. #StayHome to protect your family + others!

I want to use this time to work on key areas of my life, really dedicating time to being the best version of myself and strengthen my personal relationship with God. Below you will see 5 things I am doing during quarantine! Let me know what you have been up to!

Enjoy this time with your family! It’s rare that we have this much quality time to spend with family, so I urge you to really take a step back and be present in this moment. Spending every day with my children has really been the highlight of my quarantine. Seeing them learn and really grow into themselves has been amazing. We have been doing way more arts + crafts, baking, and different fun activities! I’ll share some ideas with you all in the next coming posts!

Prioritize your relationship with God! This year I really wanted to focus on my personal relationship with God. My biggest struggle has been setting aside time to dedicate myself to studying and being present with Him. Now that I have no excuses, I have decided to make this a non-negotiable in my daily routine. I will normally listen to some of my favorite Christian podcasts (My FAV – Blessed + Bossed Up Podcast) or read a devotional. I love finding devotional right in my YouVersion Bible App because you can choose a devotional based on different topics… But I will have an entire post later dedicated to how I am growing my relationship with God.

How often is it that your schedule is completely empty and you don’t have daily obligations? NEVER! So be intentional with dedicating this time to yourself. Self- care presents itself in many forms, and I truly believe it depends on our individual needs + interests. For me, I love a nice bubble bath, catching up on my favorite shows, journaling + planning, and trying new skincare products. Take time to pour back into yourself, your body and mind will thank you!

Another thing on my To-Do list for this year was to work a passion project! I define a passion project as a project that you do exclusively for fun, not for monetary gain, or because you have to. It could be a hobby you have, an interest, or something completely random. My project is Home + Interior Design. Although I do work in Real Estate, I want to learn these skills for personal reasons. I never envision myself wanting to decorate homes for clients, but I would love to decorate and design my own home! I also think this is a way for me to explore and cultivate my creativity. What’s your passion project?

Believe it or not, resting can actually make you more productive! During this time, it is essential to take time to relax and really be present in the moment. Taking small breaks throughout your day to just unwind will give you the energy you need to get more done. + this quarantine life won’t last forever, so enjoy your break while you can! Also, try a physical reset, clean out that one closet that gives you nightmares, reorganize/sort your clothing, or organize your pantry in true Pinterest fashion.

I hope you were able to get some ideas of things you can do during this quarantine/lockdown. Let me know if you try anything or what you have been working on during this time!


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